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Investing and Operating in South Florida: A Foreign Company Guide


Making an investment is always easier with some guidance and advice. The following series of steps are provided to make companies aware of the different investment and operating options in the South Florida Market. This is Part 2 of my report on the role of South Florida as a gateway for international trade and exports to Latin America and the Caribbean.


South Florida – Gateway to Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean


If you are looking at foreign investment to expand your company into global markets, consider locating in Florida, particularly South Florida. This U.S. state is known as the Gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. Below is Part 1 of a report that can  help companies understand the role that South Florida* and its areas of Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties play as a gateway for international trade and exports to Latin American and Caribbean markets.  (more…)

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Great Inbound Marketing Blends Optimization, Blogging, Social Media


By now all business owners know the marketing importance of a great website. But to attract serious traffic, you must have a companion Inbound Marketing plan that leverages optimization, blogging, and social media. This Power Point presentation will give you a clear map of how and why social networking will improve your marketing results. If you are already using social media, but it is not working for you, this overview may help you understand why. If your company greatly improved business since using social media outreach, I would like to hear about your success.

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Is Writing A Press Release Easy?


Yes, writing a press release can seem easy. Writing one that actually gets publicity and garners interest takes experience and talent.  If you are looking to get published in traditional media where you have to capture the attention of the editorial staff in the first sentence, experience and talent are essential for success. In these instances, you would do best hiring a professional PR agency.

However, we are lucky today to have the option of issuing press releases on the internet and often bypassing editorial staff. This is made easy with the multitude of free PR websites available today. I offer a list of many free PR website at the end of this article.  Yet, just because you bypass the editorial critics does not mean that your press release should not be persuasive and effective. In today’s market your critic is your target audience and if they can’t make it past the first few sentences you have wasted your time. After all, the goal is to GET PUBLICITY.

Before you write a press release you should understand two things: (more…)

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7 Easy Steps to Setup Google Analytics

Guest Post: Christine Zambrano, founder PowerSitesGroup  - 

Google Analytics (GA) tracks general visitor information and actions on your website. It’s free.  It slices and dices your website traffic into graphs and reports so you can analyze your site’s performance and patterns. (more…)

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